War is trade by a different means.
Civil war results from domestic trade.
International war results from global trade.
To find peace, we need to rethink how we trade.

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A Book
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This book represents my third major refinement regarding ideas of political economy. The first was "From Slavery to Utopia" (2003). The second was my citizens petition 'A Bill for the betterment of wisdom and virtue through economic reform' (2008). In a classic cart-before-the-horse fashion, the others offered the solution without fully explaining the problem. This book explains the math behind our economic crisis, why economists have it all wrong, the history of where it began in modern times, and better solutions.

The modern world can have zero debt, zero inflation, full employment, a high standard of living, with stable, satisfying and sustainable relationships with each other, across borders, between generations and with the Earth. A little courage, some empathy, and better math more cleverly applied, are all that is required to improve our world.