9/11: Why Planes Fly Into Banks

It has been fourteen years since nineteen young men committed group suicide...
It has been fourteen years since nineteen young men committed group suicide and took with them thousands of other people and did massive property damage. It was arguably the most brilliant military attack ever executed. It required only nineteen commercial plane tickets and $19 of box cutters. In terms of ‘bang for the buck,’ it makes the Pentagon behemoth with its million person standing army and the military-industrial complex that supports it look foolish and incompetent.
Despite the killing of Osama bin Laden, and the new growth of an expanded security apparatus, we are no safer today than we were then. A good argument could be made that we are less safe, since all our actions since that fateful day have acerbated the cause of the original attack. History always favors the rebel, since empires rot from within. Fear increases the rot. Rebels are just part of the rot, not the cause of the collapse or a better alternative. Wherever there is violence, there is hypocrisy. And, violence begets violence, which begets more hypocrisy and incompetence, and so on.
The leftwing and the rightwing battle for dominance, locally, nationally and internationally. In every society we find the same challenges. The victor will be just as incompetent as the recently defeated, and just as temporary. The drumbeat of history is not found in the loud explosions of victory and defeat, but in the soft tap of the pen. The words and numbers that we write down all have consequences.
Every fascist can be found with a pen in one hand and a gun in the other. It does not matter what they are fighting for. Their New World Order is just as legitimate as any other. They want to make their own rules, and contradictory expect others to follow their rules, rather than similarly choose their own rules. This is why the escape from hypocrisy and incompetence is so difficult. There must be a self-righteous excuse for the violence. The common criminal, in contrast, is either mentally ill or desperate. They act out of greed or craziness or desperation. The criminal has no excuse and does not pretend to offer one, but the fascist is passionate and motivated. They have something to protect or purify. Fortunately, it is not easy for fascists to convince other fascists to commit suicide. It is obviously a self-defeating tactic, too. A political movement based on suicide will eventually face a recruiting challenge.
Since it has been 14 years since 9/11, that means every schoolchild of today has only second hand knowledge of the event. Even those in college probably have only a cloudy memory of the event, since they were still young. JFK was shot when I was five years old. Pearl Harbor occurred before I was born. Comparatively, the attack on Harpers Ferry and the Civil War are ancient history. Was there really a Great Depression? I didn’t see it. Forget about Moon landing being a hoax, did WWII really happen? It is just as easy to deny the Holocaust as any other event, or opinion, or fact. It is denial that binds mankind to one another more than anything else. Moses could part the Red Sea, but he was immediately denied. Jesus could raise the dead, and he was immediately denied, too. The truth is only whatever we choose to accept or deny, and it is so much easier to accuse others of their failures than to recognize and admit our own.
But what does that really mean in the big picture? For one thing, it means that we have all been brain-washed into accepting half-truths uncritically. We all start off on a crooked path. And the real jihad, or struggle, is in straightening our path. The world situation indicates we are all well off the straight and narrow path of righteousness.
Slavemasters begat slavemasters, abolitionists begat abolitionists. Both were men at war. The battle of ideas and and for positions of power has been ongoing, and every generation is indoctrinated into a long series of contradictions. The old saying is still true: the truth will set you free, but is up to you as an individual to pursue it. Love your enemy and you will know why planes fly into banks, why Hitler rose to power, why tea floats in the harbor. The rebel and the tyrant are a mirror image of one another.
Scapegoats are easy and common. Every story is the same, because men all have the same failings. The Statue of Liberty is/was not really about liberty, it was an attempt by its creator to justify the violence of the French Revolution. Just as Stalin said it was necessary to scramble eggs to make an omelet, Americans have been scrambling eggs, too. Political liberty always involves violence, whereas the Liberty discussed in scripture is about self-awareness.
If you want to create a better future, then pay attention to the words and numbers that you express. The democratic revolutions were about taxes, the communist revolutions were about profits, and the Islamic revolutions have been about interest. In fact, all three are about how money is handled and percentages applied. Money flows between governments, bankers and businesses constantly. Neither one is better or worse than the other. It is just three ways of doing the wrong thing the wrong way. The people, comparatively, have no power compared to these institutions, and then they also turn on themselves acerbating the idiocy. Nevertheless, it is still just simple cause and effect. The love of money is still the root of all evil.
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