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This website was made just for you. I want to make the world a better place. You probably do, too. To progress, we need to discuss and agree on some basic things about money. I am post-partisan, which means everyone disagrees with me, because I don’t share what they fear. However, I think I am right, because I can prove my arguments using math! People are not the hard problem; the math is. I welcome a rebuttal, if you can find a flaw. This is good news, even if it seems scary initially. We can change the math!
The economy is not nearly as complicated as most people think. In fact, to understand it, the challenge is not in learning, but in UNLEARNING, what you believe.

For example, most people think that money is real, but it is only an intellectual agreement gone bad. Even the Federal Reserve, in their own promo, states that money is “just a piece of paper.” (see video)

Ben Bernanke said the same thing on Stephen Colbert the other night. He was peddling his book about the financial crisis. What he doesn’t know is that I was warning about the crisis long before it started, and I had access to much less information than he is privy too.

How did I know (separate from the fact that a prediction of a cyclical event is easy) a crash was coming? Because I understood the math. I have spent many years being self-employed. I lived the statistics that economists are attempting to interpret.

Another crash will surely come, because despite the claims that the system is better regulated, it has not changed an iota. It is only floating on the new debt, and will sink on the new inflation, again.

Creating more debt has been the band-aid solution of tradition. The $18 Trillion National Debt is proof of what has long been ignored, but it is only a symptom of the problem, not the cause.

Bernanke used the only tool he had. We have many more. We can fix this problem by altering our local government and working together. I have a good plan, but it takes everyone to think anew about old problems. Will you join me? Be Happy And Free!
How is it possible that a farmer can feed hundreds or thousands, but not be able to feed himself?

How is it possible that the banks, with their so many advantages, can fail?

How is it possible that every nation in the world is in debt?

ONE ANSWER EXPLAINS IT ALL! You must take the time to grasp the math.

Can you imagine a global economy that is:
  • Debt-Free

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    Why have bankruptcies, foreclosures, poverty and excessive regulations and security? Money is a man-made creation and an intellectual agreement. There is no shortage of money, only a lack a imagination.

  • Inflation-Free

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    Why have high prices, difficult budgets, bad predictions and unfortunate consequences? If we can create inflation, then we can control it.

  • Full Employment

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    Why have some people over-worked and underpaid, others overpaid and under-worked, while others cannot find a job? Plus, we waste labor doing jobs that are unnecessary.

  • High Standard of Living

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    The lower the cost of living, the higher the standard of living. Why build tollbooths when we could be building better housing, roads, schools and parks?

  • Stable & Satisfying

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    Everyone should be able to contribute to society doing a useful job that they love, and not have to worry about volatile changes in the marketplace or having their job outsourced overseas for cheaper labor.

  • Sustainable

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    The Earth is a garden that provides, not an enemy to conquer. Commonsense stewardship of natural resources is necessary for a society to thrive. How we treat the land is a reflection of how we treat each other. Love Mother Earth and your neighbor.

  • Stress-Free Retirement

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    Everyone is going to get old. There is no reason to spend our working years in fear of the future. When we retire, there should be no need to worry about basic necessities like food, housing and healthcare.

  • Equitable

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    Equality is the American Dream because it allows us to live life to the fullest, without fear, prejudice or diminishment. The next generation needs us to act wisely.

  • Peaceful

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    War follows trading routes, domestically and internationally. Let's put an end to civil wars, stereotypes, and partisan scapegoating. Let's follow a new accounting formula for sharing our skills and resources that eliminates conflicts.

The Math is easy.
The Politics takes some effort.
Politicians, Businesses, Unions and Individuals all need to agree on the same simple fact: 2+2=4 It should be easy, but…

If you understand these images,
then you will understand a lot.

The book is free, but a dense read that will "Tax Your Imagination." Take your time, think, and your effort will be rewarded.

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Chapter 16 - What Is To Be Done?

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Chapter 1- Money

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Chapter 2 - Who Owns the Money?

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Chapter 2 - Who Owns the Money?

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Chapter 2 - Who Owns the Money?

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Chapter 2 - Who Owns the Money?

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Chapter 2 - Who Owns the Money?

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Chapter 3 - What Is A Budget??

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Chapter 4 - What Is Inflation?

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Chapter 5 - What Are Boom and Bust?

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Chapter 6 - What Is The Cost Of Living?

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Chapter 11 - Big History

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Chapter 11 - Big History

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Chapter 11 - Big History

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Chapter 12 - The Anatomy of Contradictory Ideas

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Chapter 12 - The Anatomy of Contradictory Ideas

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Chapter 12 - The Anatomy of Contradictory Ideas

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Chapter 12 - The Anatomy of Contradictory Ideas

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Chapter 12 - The Anatomy of Contradictory Ideas

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Chapter 15 - The FIRE Economy and C=M+L

War or Renaissance?
The choice is Systemic.

The Golden Rule applies to money.

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Whip Inflation Now - Gerald Ford @1974
We are confused by our dual role of Buy and Sell. How should we value things? The collapse of trade leads to war. Inflation is the real enemy…..
and the past will haunt us until we get it right.
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Only a new financial literacy can avoid repeating past mistakes.
The Power of Compounding
A piece of paper folded in half fifty times would be thick enough to reach the Sun. Folded once more, it would reach to the Sun and back.

Fifty times is a very small number to have such a dramatic effect. Here's the proof.

Inflation has been burning the economies of man for eons, but it arises from an accounting habit that we can change. Profit is just an accounting trick: 2+2=5. (25% Mark-up or 20% Gross Profit). 2+2=8 (100% Mark-up or 50% Gross Profit). 2+2=$18,000,000,000,000 National Debt. Accounting habits and standards are a cultural condition, and we must reap what we sow.

The basis of all Liberty is self-restraint, which is why the 10 Commandments are primarily about what not to do.
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Percentages applied as profit, taxes, interest and wages all yield inflation. There are multiple paths to the same result: volatility. Larger percentages compound faster than smaller percentages. More revenue (GDP growth) increases the pace and scale of volatile change (aka Boom and Bust).

Adam Smith wrote that "a nation with the highest rate of profit goes to ruin the fastest." He has been proven correct multiple times.

If we change the way we ‘grow’ numbers, then we change the result. It is basic cause-and-effect. What we are experiencing is a false market, not a free market.

Balance, equality, stability and liberty require engineering the numbers with the same commonsense as designing a machine - through the complete cycle. We are all vendors, employees, consumers and citizens. Ideas must be congruous with facts. We must respond to the math, and not ignore it.

Ideas rule the world, not men. Tax your imagination!