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This page was made in a rush, but here is the general idea of my views. Read the linked pdf for a fuller explanation.



1. The primary building block of society is the division of labor. Individual genius exists through a shared understanding and cooperation similar to an assembly line.
2. Ideas rule the world and fall into three broad categories: abstract, social, physical.
3. Organizations are built around these ideas: governments, non-profits and businesses.
4. Money is make-believe but a common denominator for regulating people and materials.
5. Modern finance (paper money and deficit financing) began three centuries ago and spurred both political and industrial revolutions.
6. The way we handle modern money is archaic and self-defeating.
7. Inflation is the common problem and enemy of a Good Society.
8. The economy is driven by four percentages: wages, interest, profit and taxes.
9. Citizens, non-profits, businesses and government need to work from the same operating principles in financial unison, not in financial opposition.
10. Compounding these four percentages causes inflation which forces wealth to trickle up and concentrate.
11. The National Debt is equivalent to 247 years of private sector profit and acts as a pressure release valve.
12. Deficit financing could eliminate taxation and inflation if applied correctly.
13. GDP is a false and meaningless measure.
14. Central Taxation is smarter way to tax, if we must tax.
15. Corporate Income Balancing will eliminate a lot of social inequality.
16. Real estate values are the primary engine of economic volatility and social distress and can be controlled.
17. There is no free market, only the cause and effect of the laws of mathematics.

READ PDF HERE - 17 Pages, about a half hour read. BIG HISTORY

Ideas rule the world, not men. Tax your imagination!